Pacific Standard: Print Redesign (2016)


  • Make a magazine that will be taken seriously, that feels substantial but is also fresh and fun.
  • Make a magazine that is cleaner, more readable, and provides a more lush visual experience.
  • Be more flexible and fluid with how we make the magazine.
  • Create more entry points.
  • Create more opportunities for print-digital integration.
  • Make a magazine that matters.

On Making a Magazine That Matters

Pacific Standard matters because there's no fluff. Because we offer something that lasts longer than a moment. Because we aim to influence policymakers. Because our stories are informed by research and reporting rather than relying solely on anecdote and experience. Because the stories we publish are all stories of consequence. Because we want readers to savor and save every issue. Because we want readers to feel that the magazine is indispensable. This credo is guiding the decisions we are making throughout the redesign conversation.