Pacific Standard: Digital Redesign (2014)

Primary Goals

  • Fully responsive site that will provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices, from desktop computers to laptops to tablets to mobile phones, and discourage bouncing.
  • An aesthetically pleasing—and open, incorporating white space—experience for our sophisticated and educated audience that will look and feel modern for several years to come, and won't require frequent design overhauls but instead allow us to switch to incremental upgrades and improvements.
  • Article page and homepage design that encourages social sharing, email newsletter sign-ups, and print subscriptions. (Perhaps through the development of a unique print subscription module for the sidebar.)
  • Article page design that encourages increased time-on-site and discourages bouncing. (Perhaps through the implementation of related content or most popular modules, or the promotion of other site features and articles.)
  • Increased emphasis on our bimonthly print product, perhaps through the development of special magazine table of contents and archives pages.
  • Advertising needs: We currently run one 728x90 leaderboard, one 300x250 medium rectangle, and one 300x600 large skyscraper on every article page. We are very open to other default sizes—and incorporating much more flexibility, if possible—here, but require that all sizes be Google AdSense approved and that we continue to incorporate some ad space in our design. (We recognize that some of these advertisements will need to fall away for smaller screens in the responsive design.
  • Improved navigation and indexing, and better promotion of authors.


Design Comps